Comfort Zone This award winning spa brand is present in many of the world's most prestigious hotel chains, spas and cruise liners. Combining the most advanced formulative research with the elegance of Italian style, the treatments are made to relax, soothe the senses and deliver visible results! FACIAL TREATMENTS ALL [comfort zone] FACIALS NOW INCLUDE A BACK MASSAGE HYDRAMEMORY – 1 hr
24hr Deep Hydrating Treatment
A deeply hydrating treatment to improve moisture levels in the skin leaving it plump and silky soft. 1 hr ..... £48.00 SKIN RESONANCE – 1 hr
Rebalancing Treatment for Sensitive Skins
Rebalances and strengthens sensitive skins leaving it feeling cool, calm and soothed. Highly recommended for Roseacea. 1 hr ..... £48.00 ACTIVE PURENESS REGENERATING - 1 hr 15 mins
Active Treatment for Problem and Congested Skins
Deep cleanses, balances and restores sallow complexions. 1 hr 15 mins ..... £59.00